Warranty Policies

Warranty Information: Will Need Proof of Purchase on all warranties.

Fuel Containers

All RotopaX Fuel Containers are warrantied for 10 years while all FuelpaX containers are warrantied for 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturer defects and leak issue.


All RotopaX and FuelpaX hardware are warrantied for 1 year from the date of purchase. 


All spouts come with a 30-day warranty. Spouts that come with the containers, as well as the spouts purchased separately, have this warranty.

The following items will void the warranty of the product even if the issue is unrelated to these damages:

  • Burns and abrasions
  • Accidents and crashes
  • Improper care and negligence
  • Improper mounting (Include lack of support using extensions)
  • Modifications and alterations
  • Use other than the product's intended purpose

To get your warranty item replaced, you have two following options:

1. Send proof of purchase, description of the issue, along with proof of the item being destroyed. For fuel containers, we typically ask for the picture of the entire container with a 1/4" hole (or large) drilled into it. For mounting hardware, we just need a detailed picture of the defective part. After this, US customers pay the flat $10 shipping charge to get your new container sent out to you.  (International customers will need to pay for their shipping).


2. Ship your container or hardware back to us along with proof of purchase and a description of the issue with the item. We'll inspect the claim and if approved, send you your replacement product at our cost. 

NOTE: If the container has been used you must clean inside with bleach and water in order to kill fuel vapors inside of the container before shipping.

*Containers can occassionly fail and our warranty is limited to our product only*

While many customers mount RotopaX inside and on top of vehicles, please note they can ocassionally leak and we will only be responsible for replacement of our products and not damage caused by them.

International customers will need to pay for shipping