Q: I have an old can that is leaking from the cap what should I do?

     A: If the Rotopax can you purchased is leaking from the cap the rubber gasket on the spout may be worn. You can purchase replacement gaskets on the website. If this does not work the neck of the container where the gasket contacts the container can be sanded with a fine grit sandpaper as well.


Q: What Pax mount do I need for my can size?

     A: Any pax mount will work with any of our cans. We recommend that you use 2 pax mounts for a 4 gallon container.

 Q: Are Rotopax EPA or CARB compliant?

     A: Rotopax are the only EPA and CARB compliant fuel containers available for sale in the United States! This is thanks to a patented three layer roto-molding process, along with specially formulated plastic barrier material to meet the government's new extremely low permeability requirements.

Q: How many cans can I Stack?

     A: the maximum number of cans that can be stacked is 2.


Q: What size extension do I need?

     A: The extension that is required is directly correlated with the bottom can. EX you want to stack a 1 gallon container on top of a three gallon, you will need a pax mount and a three gallon extension.


Q: What is a blemished gas can?

     A: A blemished gas can has a cosmetic defect of some sort. The object may be dented or discolored, another defect that is common with blemished cans in pitting in the neck area of the can where the spout is inserted. Blemished cans pass all of our quality testing there is a 1 year warranty on blemished cans.


Q: What is the difference between The Pax Mount and the Deluxe Pax Mount?

     A: The deluxe pax mount has a free spinning “T” handle that allows you to secure the cans tighter. (Recommended for Vehicles)


Q: Do the Locking Pax Mounts work with Extensions?

     A: Locking pax mounts will work to secure the can in place but the top can can be rotated removing the can and the locking “T” handle. (Locking pax mounts are recommended for cans that are not stacked)


Q: How do I use an eco-spout?

     A: Here is a video that explains how to use the ECO spout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q37CgEzUYlA


Q: Can I put some other substance in the container other than what it is labeled for?

     A: No, the plastic compounds are specific to the cans labeling.


Q: I want a gas can that isn’t red. What colors do you offer?

     A: Government regulations require us to sell red gas containers and Yellow diesel. No other color options are available.


Q: Are the storage boxes waterproof?

     A: The storage boxes are not waterproof.